Since 1978, Carnaval Miami has been organized by the Kiwanis Club of Little Havana and is held annually between February and March.  Through the dedicated support of the club’s members, volunteers and dedicated corporate and community partners, Carnaval Miami has grown into one of the largest Latin cultural celebrations in the United States, culminating with the world-famous El Festival de la Calle Ocho (Calle Ocho Festival)

Today, Carnaval Miami has become a world-famous virtual Pan-American showcase. An energetic two-week celebration featuring concerts, culinary competitions, galas, a weekend full of art and jazz, and the nation’s largest street festival with more than 100,000 people in attendance.

Carnaval On The Mile is a street festival that takes up the entire length of Downtown Coral Gables’ busiest street, Miracle Mile, for a full weekend. There are stages set up and Latin Jazz, Funk, Caribbean rhythms and more bounce through the air. Local performers and internationally famous musicians take the stage to dancing crowds filled with everyone from families to veterans of the party scene.

The event is free, and there is plenty of extra fun to indulge in, including dozens of food stands and artisanal vendors. The event takes place every year on the weekend before the main event, the Calle Ocho Festival.

Carnaval On The Mile is a family friendly ambiance, and is mostly local Coral Gables residents and their families who are regulars at the surrounding mom-and-pop cafes and restaurants, boutiques and book stores. Local restaurants set up shop in booths along the streets and you can get a taste of local favorites from high-end restaurants to Cuban ice cream. Bacardi and Heineken have a presence and it’s all in all a great time for all ages.

Carnaval On The Mile is widely thought of as a tamer, more family friendly version of the wild party that goes on annually at Calle Ocho Miami, the next weekend.